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We are excited to announce the return of State of Origin Craft Brew Fest on Saturday, August 6th from 5-9pm at the Morganton Courthouse Square.

The 7th annual State of Origin will include 25+  breweries, wineries, distilleries, cideries and kombucha makers from around the country that continuously create liquids with local ingredients. Join us as we come together in the celebration of thoughtful and seasonal fermentation.

A portion of proceeds from State of Origin tickets will once again benefit our dear friends and longstanding partners, Foothills Conservancy of NC. They are the forces of good we partnered with to acquire the land our Whippoorwill Farm location now sits upon. “Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina is a nationally accredited regional land trust that protects the fabric and character of Western North Carolina’s landscape forever and for the benefit of all.”

Code of Conduct



This year, we are not requiring attendance by breweries – but would love to host you if you’re able! If you’re coming out to the fest, we ask that you represent your brewery by pouring beer and chatting with the festival-goers. If you are not joining us in-person, we will have members of our staff and volunteers ready to pour your beer.


  • We offer two (2) passes for attending/pouring staff – additional tickets can be purchased for the discounted price of $45 (+taxes & fees) by visiting our website and using the code LOCALLIQUIDLOVE.

  • Up to 4 folks from your fine establishment are welcome to party with us on Friday evening at Whippoorwill farm and Saturday before the fest at the lake. As much as we would like to say “the more the merrier”, we cannot offer additional passes to the pre-party or lake hangs.

  • We offer 1 hotel room on Saturday night for 2 guests. You’ll be staying at the Fairfield by Mariott at 400 N Green St, Morganton, NC 28655


We offer 1 hotel room on Saturday night for 2 guests. You’ll be staying at the Fairfield by Mariott at 400 N Green St, Morganton, NC 28655



A reminder that the premise of this festival is to highlight craft beverage makers that regularly use local ingredients in the creation of their products. We request that all brews brought to the festival are made with local ingredients. Intentionally crafted small-batch brands are one of the things that make this festival unique. 

Our hope is that each of you bring two (2) or more different brands — at least one (1) summer crusher, and any other product that represents your interpretation of terroir.

 NC Folks

We are requesting a minimum quantity of three (3) sixtels/58.65 liters per participating brewery. We will be issuing each NC brewery stipend of up to $300 for product and/or travel.

Outta State Folks
We are requesting a minimum quantity of five (5) sixtels/97.66 liters. We will be issuing each outta state brewery stipend of up to $500 for product and/or travel. 


If you are self-distributing, checks will be made payable directly to your brewery. If you are sending product through a distributor, payment will be made through the distributor.

If you would like to showcase more beer than the minimum requirement, you are welcome to but will only receive reimbursement for the required quantity. 

Fonta Flora Brewery will not be responsible for payment over the allotted stipend of $300/$500. Please send an invoice to [email protected] prior to shipping beer.

We will use the invoice(s) you submit to us in the calculation of your respective reimbursements based on $5.00 per liter/$100.00 per sixtel/ $20.00 per gallon.

As a final note, please ensure that there are separate line items for each brand you are bringing. Of course, we are around to answer any and all questions. 

**If you used a distributor, payment will be settled directly through them. If you are self distributed, we will be mailing checks to you after the fest.

 **Please note that leftover liquids may be re-sold at our tasting rooms.


Please send an invoice to [email protected] prior to shipping beer. Important note, please indicate the following address on your invoice:

Fonta Flora Brewery

PO Box 825

Morganton, NC 28680


And please ship to our Nebo location – (our Green St. taproom does not have capacity to store all y’all’s beer!)

Fonta Flora Brewery

6751 NC-126, 

Nebo, NC 28761

If you are not registered in the state of NC, please contact our Logistics Manager, Walker Campbell [email protected]

Additionally, if you’re an in-state brewery that needs help getting your beer to us, please feel free to reach out to see if we can arrange a pickup during one of our distro runs.

We work closely with the following distributors – you are welcome to have us connect you or reach out to them on your own –

John McCarthy

[email protected]

Taylor McDermott

[email protected]


for us

  • Brewery Registration  Part 1 is basic info about your brewery & contact info due ASAP.

  • Brewery Registration  Part 2 is the nitty gritty beer details, hotel info, and brewer RSVP, due June 30th

  • Copy of Insurance is due by July 8th. Please make sure the following three things are listed on the COI –

    • Correct dates (insured through date of festival – August 6th 2022)

    • Must show liquor liability

    • Must show “additional insured” as – Historic Morganton Festival 112b West Union st. Morganton, NC 28655

    • Please send all COI to [email protected] 

  • Invoices are due by June 30th.

    • Maximum stipend of $300

    • please ensure that there are separate line items for each brand you are bringing

    • Please send all invoices to [email protected]

  • Please be sure that all beer arrives to our your distributor  by 7/22.

  • If shipping direct to the brewery, beer is due 7/29.

  • If you are not compliant in NC, please holler at our Logistics Manager – [email protected]

for you

We will provide a pop up tent (unless indicated that you’d bring your own), chairs, ice, and a table at the fest.

If you are in-state, please bring everything you need to pour your own beer – jockey box, ice tubs, C02, etc. 

Please be prepared to represent and pour for your brewery at the fest. We will have volunteers making rounds to offer relief. 

We will be providing each brewery pouring with a food voucher redeemable at any of the food vendors at the fest.



Friday, August 5th

7pm – ??

Camping pre- party at the farm!

Farm address – 6751 NC HWY 126 Nebo, NC 28761

We will be camping out, so bring your gear! Holler at us if you need anything. Food & beer will be provided, but feel free to bring some bottles to share if you’d like!


Saturday, August 6th

9am – 2pm Breakfast + Lake hangs! Bring yo’ suit, floaties, towels ,etc.

Lake house address – 6379 N Shore Dr. Nebo, NC 28761.


We will need to carpool to this location as there needs to be as few cars as possible! 

**Distance from the farm to downtown Morganton is about 20 minutes.


1-5pm – Festival setup at the Courthouse Square check-in at box office. If you are driving beer directly in to the festival, please load in according to the map above. Beer and ice will start going out to tents between 3-4pm. If you are not driving your beer in on the day of, we will be getting your beer out to the fest and at your tent for you!

5 – 9pm – State of Origin!


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