• 16oz/4pk: $80 | MSRP - $18
  • 20L: $134
  • Featuring paw paw fruit.

    Brewed with water from our wells along with 84% local ingredients 

    Introducing the very first in a new series of really yummy fruited sour IPAs, it seemed appropriate to launch with our very favorite fruit, the paw paw. 

    As we tend to do around here, this project is truly layered and a labor of love. Where most sour IPAs on the market are “quick” or kettle soured, staying true to our core, this new offering is of mixed fermentation and then can conditioned with a pineapple-forward strain of brettanomyces yeast. 

    For the execution, we take a young hazy IPA base beer and send it on over to marry with second use paw paw fruit where our beloved Carolina Custard had just been. The IPA base further ferments and matures on the paw paw fruit and mixed cultures before being dry-hopped in the very same vessel on the fruit and all. 

    Bursting with tropical aromatics that remind us of dole pineapple rings, mango leather and fresh  tepache. Giving us glimpses of a pivotal past beer from New Belgium known as La Terrior, this is far more than just a sour IPA and we are eager to share this newest creation. 


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