Unusual Frequency [Track 8]

  • 1/2Bbl: $235
  • 1/6Bbl: $124
  • 16oz/4pk: $80/cs | MSRP - $18
  • Brewed with water from our wells along with 86% local ingredients 

    Way way back in 2021, we launched a series of collaborative hazy double IPA’s dubbed unusual frequency. The goal, as hazy newbs, was to explore the style through the minds of some of the best in the industry to do it.

    With no real plan for this series beyond 2021, we didn’t really know where things would go. As we literally and figuratively ran out of brainwaves, we thought this series had simply run its course. Upon further exploration, we decided there was still much more to uncover with this beer style and our homies who crush it. 

    An idea to utilize sound wavelengths surfaced and then became a bit more concise. Our very own Brit Josa took that idea and said, “what if we have the brewery tell us what song best represents them and use a wavelength from that song”. And to bring it all home, add a qr code to that song on the label art so the drinker can be immersed in the full experience. 

    Representing Track 8 of this ongoing project are our foggy friends over at Humble Sea Brewing Co. of Santa Cruz, California. For their choice of song, these beachy babes selected Good Vibrations courtesy of the one and only Beachy Boys. 

    Long inspired by the beers coming from Humble Sea, we’re stoked to have the opportunity to dream up beer together.  As we do with this project, we leaned hard into their approach and together dreamed up a foggy DIPA utilizing their philosophy and techniques. Incorporating choice hops and modern techniques, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Utilizing the term “foggy” in place of hazy for the turbid IPA style, those who have spent any time in Santa Cruz, California absolutely understand how perfect and clever that moniker is. 

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