Thrillist : The Most Underrated Brewery in Every State

Jan 28, 2019 | Press

“Think about your favorite craft brewery in the state you live in. Because we can read your mind (… don’t worry, we’ll leave your brain better than we found it), we’ve probably mentioned that brewery in our story about the best brewery in every state.

The thing is, when you’re talking about a single-best brewery (or anything, really), that means that so many others aren’t being talked about that are more than worthy of discussion — underrated, one might even call them. Since more breweries ought to be praised for the important work of making sure America has enough amazing beer to drink, we discounted our most recent pick for the best brewery in each state and sought to identify the brewery most deserving of a little extra love. That could mean anything from established players who’ve been doin’ it (and doin’ it well) so long that people have started to take them for granted a bit in the face of newer, shinier breweries, to, well, newer, shinier breweries that haven’t quite emerged as household names yet but whose beer absolutely merits that kind of ubiquity.

Point is, this celebration of the unsung hero of each state is subjective, just as any list might be. But they’re all places we love, places that, for whatever reason, don’t get to sit at the top of the totem nearly often enough. They’re the most underrated breweries in each state. Are there places we underrated even further by neglecting to mention them? Well, extol their virtues in the comments so we know what we’re missing.”

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