Hop Culture : Is craft sparkling water the next big thing?

Mar 26, 2021 | Press

Our friends at Hop Culture wrote up this super rad article about craft sparkling water, and we are featured!

“Craft beer is a complex market. Consumers’ palates shift and industry trends morph at a rapid and often unexpected rate. Many modern breweries have adapted to stretch beyond the traditional molds to capture the fickle tastes of a once-insular craft beer world. Most breweries have a handful of mainstays while offering trendy styles—seasonal releases, pastry stouts, and hazy IPAs to name a few. This wave seems to be hard seltzers, with many breweries dabbling in the still-developing category.

So what, then, of sparkling water? Is this the next craft brewery wave?”

Read more here!

Written by Liz Logan

Photos by Fonta Flora Brewery

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