Do you sell bombers(32oz) or growlers(64oz)?

Almost all of our draught brands are available in cans/bottles so… nope! 

How do I know if there are bottles for sale in the tasting room?

Click here! Bottle numbers are subject to change throughout the week- please call the brewery before you make a trip our way!

I am interested in purchasing your beer for my bottle shop/bar/restaurant.

Please email [email protected] for distribution

Are dogs welcome?

Pups are welcome on the patio ONLY. Due to liability, dogs are no longer allowed in the tasting room.

Are children welcome?

During normal days of service, absolutely! However, when we host special events we do ask that you keep the babes at home.

Who is taller, Jeremy or Todd?

Jeremy. By a mile.

I would like to book some space for a special event at your tasting room.

If you’d like to book an event at one of our locations, please email [email protected] with the date, number of folks you are expecting, and timeframe. 

Where can I purchase your product outside of your tasting room?

Click here to find us!

I would like to apply for a position at your brewery, what positions are you hiring for, and who should I contact?

Please visit our careers page for details and contact info!

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