Mashed with local barley malt, a unique and complex blend of the world’s very finest caramel and crystal malts and finished off with an ample helping of red turkey wheat, one of our very favorite varieties. Fermented with our preferred house ale yeast for a robust, layered and full bodied drinking experience. Aged in saturated sherry puncheon casks for an extra long slumber. 

Perhaps technically a wheatwine from the % of wheat used in this recipe, we payed homage to the style and variety of wheat by way of the name. Also boasting an all time favorite illustration from our friends at Woolly Press, this small batch burly babe has been on our minds for quite some time. Dripping with sticky dried fruits, barrel depth, nutty nuances and complemented by swaths of vanilla, creme brulee and molasses cotton candy, Turkeywine is the perfect treat to share with your flock.


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