a stone-boiled imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels

Brewed with water from our wells along with 49% local ingredients and crafted in collaboration with our longtime friends at Jackie O’s Brewery of Athens, Ohio. Mashed with a rich base of local barley malts and injected with a decadent blend of the finest caramel, chocolate and roasted malts. Boiled exclusively in our open-top oak foeder with hot granite rocks, gathered from a quarry in McDowell County, inside the flames of local oak logs. This is the magnificence of steinbier. The rocks are pulled from the flames, dipped into the wort and with a sensational sizzle, a mind-bending amount of caramelization is achieved. 

Fermented with our preferred stout yeast strain for an unbelievably thick body and luxurious mouthfeel. Transferred into freshly dumped, extremely wet and hand-selected bourbon barrels, where this beer conditioned for 15 months. 

Though we have conceived and concocted dozens of stein beers, this is our very first imperial stout brewed in that style. Known for their robust barrel aged imperial stout program, Jackie O’s seemed like a natural fit to mark the occasion. As it obviously should, a fire for stein brewing during the day led to a pastured bonfire hang for the evening. Maybe a few drinks were had, it’s really a bit foggy at this point but we can say for certain that this was the first collaboration we have ever been a part of that ended up at the emergency room. Don’t worry, everyone is okay, but one individual definitely has a scar to show for it and we are all a bit more cautious of sneaky propane tanks, prowling in the grass.


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