Tomayto, Tomahto

a west coast-style india pale ale dry-hopped with amarillo, nz cascade, mosaic and riwaka

Dreamed up in collaboration with Alvarado Street Brewery, a real life west coast brewery, based in Monterey, California. Though we took the opportunity with them here to lock them into Track 7 of our Unusual Frequency series, their west coast IPAs are what we have been truly impressed with for quite some time. 

Mashed with a thoughtful blend of local barley and a touch of malted wheat. Intensely hopped, utilizing some Alvarado Street techniques, with a contemplative blend of v choice amarillo, New Zealand cascade, mosaic and riwaka. Fermented with our prefered house “westy” yeast strain for maximum crushibility. 

Taking name inspiration from a tomato beer discussion, this draught only west coast boi, has already become a house favorite.


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