Steinpilz and Love

a pilsner-style lagerbier boiled with hot granite rocks

a pilsner-style lagerbier boiled with hot granite rocks 

Brewed with water from our wells along with 84% local ingredients 

Brewed specifically to feature at this years Pils and Love Festival taking place in New York City, USA. 

Mashed with a simple grist of 95% local pilsner malt and 5% dextrin malt for incredible texture and foam stability. Boiled exclusively in our original open top oak foeder using only local granite rocks that were buried deep in the flames. Moderately hopped with a noble blend of traditional hallertau mitt, perle and a touch a spalter select. Fermented cool with our preferred house lager yeast strain and conditioned cold for maximum crispness and crushability. 

Employing unique brewing methods with a technique known as spunding, we closed off Wonderpilz during fermentation in order to capture all of the CO2 being expelled and trapping it into solution. The result yields an unparalleled crisp lager beer with tiny dancing bubbles which form a frothy rocky head. Total production time of six weeks. 

Being invited to this exclusive industry event is a really big deal for us. Historically known for mixed-ferm beers and beers with “weird” ingredients, this event gives us the opportunity to really show off our brewing skills. That said, we are still Fonta Flora after all. Surrounded by so many pilsners, we knew we had to do something a little different. With the addition of sizzling hot granite rocks, we achieved some caramelization and minerality not commonly found in our indoor kettle-brewed lagers.

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