Rings of Growth

a barleywine-style ale aged in bourbon barrels and conditioned on house-toasted local cherrywood

a barleywine-style ale aged in bourbon barrels and conditioned on house-toasted local cherrywood 

Brewed with water from our wells along with 51% local ingredients

Mashed with local barley malt along with a unique and complex blend of the world’s very finest caramel and crystal malts. Fermented with our preferred house ale yeast for a robust, layered and full bodied drinking experience. Aged for over one year in select bourbon barrels and conditioned further on North Carolina high country cherrywood adding much complexity to this already strong and stunning barleywine base. 

At the end of 2023, we took the production team on a staff trip super deep into the North Carolina mountains to a ginseng and tree farm and gathered a bunch of different woods to bring back to the brewery for different beers. Though we have made a variety of different beers utilizing local cherry wood in the past, we had no plans for a barleywine while out on the mountaintop. 

Jeremy, our head of brewing operations, really wanted to take a bourbon barrel saturated barleywine and age it additionally on cherrywood from the NC mountains we collected. For this process, we chip up the cherrywood and toast it in an oven until it’s bursting with aromatics. If you haven’t stuck your nose in cherrywood, it smells exactly like a cherry jolly rancher. The mature bourbon barrel aged barleywine is then transferred into a different tank, onto the freshly toasted cherrywood. 

Another really rad thing about this beer is the label itself. Rion Spurlock, our production manager, is partly responsible for the label design. Creating wood slice prints he calls “cookies”, Rion actually made a print of the main image on the label using a slice of cherrywood.  


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