Pocket Lunch

A newfound obsession of ours, though many of us here at Fonta Flora have been fond of fish packed tightly in a tin, it was our friends at Botanist and Barrel that really opened up the fishy flood gates for us. A whole new world filled with dazzling design and packaging, the modern day tinned fish movement is currently having a moment in the sun. And we are definitely staying right here to enjoy every bit of it. 

Though if we are being honest, we’d typically turn to some extra dry and highly structured white, orange or pink wine to pair with tinned fish, we wanted to take this opportunity to create a beer we’d like to crush alongside these sea treats. Inspired by some tinned fish offerings, we decided to blend a few brewing regions together to create this killer catch. Wanting to incorporate some aromatic nuances from Belgium while favoring the crispy lagers of Germany, we whipped up this little crusher of a Belgian-style kolsch. 

Fresh citrus with an extra crispy finish, this little hybrid offering pairs perfectly with all of the new tinned fish offerings we have available for you to try at our Whippoorwill Farm location in Nebo, North Carolina. No need for yer cane pole. We’ve got you covered.


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