Lickety Split

a bavarian-style wheat beer [ hefe-weizenbier ]

a bavarian-style wheat beer [ hefe-weizenbier ]

Brewed with water from our wells along with 99% local ingredients

Mashed with a purposeful blend of all local grains which include pilsner malt as a base along with heaps of malted wheat and a dash of marshmallow-forward heritage seashore black rye malt. Fermented with a traditional hefe yeast for a turbid appearance and bursting banana muffin-forward aromatics.

Much like the hazy ipa, a hefe is a beer style that Todd (our co-founder) swore Fonta Flora Brewery would never make. Maybe he has an issue with turbid liquids? Hard to say. What we can say is that this beer, served upright in a tall bulbous hefe glass, is going to make all of your banana dreams come true. Boasting notes of little debbie marshmallow pies and those yellow half moon runts, this hefe pairs perfectly with maypole dancing and springtime tootling. 


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