an italian-style-pilsner

Brewed with water from our wells along with 85% local ingredients 

For us, the idea of an Italian Pilsner has always been a topic of interest. With literature and conversations with real Italians describing the style as a pilsner that is dry-hopped cold, how could we not be intrigued? Though at the same time, we also dry-hop our beloved Nebo Pilsner cold, so that left us feeling a bit more in the dark about this crispy pilsner subvariant. Though it’s true that a number of other pilsner variations also receive a healthy hop dosage, we have come to realize that in addition to the dry-hop, balance is what makes the Italian Pils really shine. 

Though a small draught-only batch for now, Bucatini will be the first of many Italian-style Pilsners in a series where we highlight the wide variety of Italian pasta shapes. 


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