Ghost Trees

a west coast-style pilsner dry-hopped with loral, sabro and W1108-333

Named after a well known surf spot in California, Ghost Trees is the fourth beer in our ongoing series of west coast-style pilsner beers inspired by surf spots. 

Mashed with local pilsner malt along with a considerable amount of dextrin malt for increased mouthfeel and foam stability. Hopped with moderate intensity with nectarine bursting experimental hops and piña colada saturated sabro. 

Falling somewhere in between an India pale lager, a hoppy pilsner and a west coast IPA, we immediately loved the nomenclature but most of all, the crushing crushability of this crispy dried out crusher. Boasting beachy aromatics from some choice hops, we don’t really care what you call it, we just ask that you summon your inner gnar while surfing your nearest ocean waves or surfing the channels on your couch. 

You do you. 

Surfs up.


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