Double Barrel-Aged Decoy

a double bourbon barrel-aged double-mashed imperial stout

a double bourbon barrel-aged double-mashed imperial stout 


Welcome to our very first BA imperial stout drop of 2022! Though we wish we could admit that we planned this, straight up Decoy also happened to be the first beer we dropped in 2021. So let’s pretend it was all part of our master plan and rejoice in the fact that double barrel-aged Decoy is our first release of the year. 


Mashed with a rich base of local barley malts and injected with a decadent blend of the finest caramel, chocolate and roasted malts. Fermented with our preferred stout yeast strain for an unbelievably thick body and luxurious mouthfeel. Transferred into freshly dumped, extremely wet and hand-selected buffalo trace bourbon barrels, where this beer conditioned for 24 months. Transferred yet again into freshly dumped Heaven Hill barrels for an additional 12 months of conditioning. 


Incredibly luxurious and patiently complex, at 36 months, this imperial stout is about showcasing our stout brewing skills, barrel depth, character and a balancing act of time. 


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