Dilly Dally

Our bavarian-style dark wheat beer   [dunkel-weizenbier]

Our bavarian-style dark wheat beer   [dunkel-weizenbier] 

 Brewed with water from our wells along with 99% local ingredients 

Mashed with a purposeful blend of all local grains which include pilsner malt as a base along with heaps of malted wheat and a smattering of different munich malts for color and toasty bread profile. Fermented with a traditional hefe yeast for a turbid appearance and bursting banana muffin-forward aromatics. 

In a production brewery, bringing in a yeast strain that isn’t part of the everyday rotation is a very exciting thing. Though we could have just brewed a hefe and scrapped the yeast, we thought, the blondie boi (our hefe called Lickety Split) needs a banana brother to pal around with this spring. 

Essentially the darker version of the hefe, the dunkelweizen leans heavy on a myriad of munich malts to drive home a richer overall drinking experience. Packed with notes of meadowfoam honey, cold-bulked melanoidin rich bread butts, toasted filberts, North Carolina legendary moon pies and chocolate covered frozen nanners, Dilly Dally is sure to turn us all into banana believers.

Year Round

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