DBA Decoy [Eagle Rare + Sazerac]

a double barrel-aged imperial stout blend finished in privately selected eagle rare and sazerac barrels

Mashed with a rich base of local barley malts and injected with a decadent blend of the finest caramel, chocolate and roasted malts. Fermented with our preferred stout yeast strain for an unbelievably thick body and luxurious mouthfeel. Transferred into freshly dumped, extremely wet and privately-selected bourbon barrels, where this beer conditioned for 12 months. Transferred yet again into more freshly dumped bourbon barrels for an additional 12 months of conditioning. 

Incredibly luxurious and patiently complex, this imperial stout is about showcasing our stout brewing skills, barrel depth, character and a balancing act of time. In 2022, we received a coveted perfect 100/100 score by the experts at Craft Beer and Brewing. A defining moment for our barrel-aged big beer program, we are elated to have the opportunity to share these barrel-specific variants.


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