Birthdaywine [10]

Mashed with local barley malt along with a unique and complex blend of the world’s very finest caramel and crystal malts. Fermented with our preferred house ale yeast for a robust, layered and full bodied drinking experience. Conditioned in extraordinarily complex oak barrels that previously aged syrah and zinfandel wines from Carlisle Winery of Windsor, California. 

Y’all! We did it! We are officially a decade old in the beer business! Which we’d like to think makes us more like 1,000 years old. If you’ve been doing it. You get it. And if 10 is equated to 1,000, it works even better for this occasion as this barleywine was also brew number 1,000 created here at our farmhouse brewery. 

Dripping with sticky dried fruits, barrel depth, nutty nuances and complemented by swaths of buttery vanilla, creme brulee and meadowfoam honey cotton candy, Birthdaywine represents our decade long journey in making beer with a sense of place and agricultural purpose. Paired with our most fancy and glittery label to date, we are beyond thankful as we reflect on our first 10 years in business.


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