A Decade Under the Wild Ale

a celebratory appalachian wild ale, bottle conditioned with the mixed cultures of 10 different breweries.

Appalachian wild ale brewed with local barley and local raw wheat. Boiled with burlap-aged hops. Fermented with our mixed house cultures in one of our beautiful American-made oak foeders courtesy of our friends at Foeder Crafters of St. Louis, Missouri. Transferred into oak for 4-6 months of aging. Transferred out of oak onto a massive amount of our favorite varieties of locally grown peaches, courtesy of our friends at Barbee Farms of Concord, North Carolina. 

 Fermented and aged on the peaches for 3-4 months and transferred back into barrels. Matured in the wine barrels for an additional 6 months. From here, we transferred this liquid into our bottling tank and blended in some of our last remaining barrel stock of black raspberry to jam up the jamminess and create an elusive black peach. 

12-15 months old at time of bottling. Conditioned naturally inside the bottle and keg with the aforementioned breweries’ mixed cultures. 

 Boasting a complex and potent peach skin aroma with a raspberry preserves finish, this celebratory blend offers a subdued acidity on the palette and as always, finishes bone dry on the tongue. 

Oh my goodness. The appalachian wild ale. Perhaps the style that has been more synonymous with our brewery, these were the beers that you folks used to stand in line to get from us. Inspired by the beloved American wild ale, we helped coin the idea of the appalachian wild ale, a place based version specific to, you guessed it, Appalachia. 

Though the hype around these styles of beer has subsided in the last few years, they remain some of our favorite and most meaningful beers to create. History tends to have a way to repeat itself so we will just be over here, quietly making these appalachian bangers, awaiting the queue in decade number two. 


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