’23 Local Snacks

a blended mixed-culture ale fermented with a menagerie of local 2nd use fruit including muscadine grapes, merlot grapes, nectarines, blackberry and cherry.

One of our favorite fruited concepts, this blend consists of second-use cherries, native muscadine grapes, blackberries, and merlot grapes. Once blended into our bottling tank, this unique blend is can conditioned in the same manner we treat our naturally carbonated bottled offerings.

The concept process is rather simple; we heavily fruit the initial barrel aged sour beer to create a very intensely fruited sour beer. Because so much initial fruit is used, there is still quite a bit of fruit that can be extracted into another beer. We then send 4-6 month barrel-aged blonde sour beer back through that very same fruit. Though a bit less fruit than some of our heavily fruited appalachian wild ales, Local Snacks is a fantastic showcase of each fruit and combines to be a saturated fruit cocktail. Boasting subtle notes of oaky vanilla along with jammy hawaiian punch, each sip unravels layers of each fruit hiding in each and every can. 


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