’23 Framboise

an appalachian lambic-style spontaneously fermented ale conditioned on local raspberries

Brewed with water from our wells along with 98% local ingredients an appalachian lambic-style spontaneously fermented ale conditioned on local raspberries courtesy of our friends at River Ridge Organics of Grayson County, Virginia.   

Mashed in the turbid method with local pilsner malt and local/heritage raw wheat until the milk runneth clear. Boiled extensively for maximum color achievement with aged whole leaf hops for proper bitterness. After the boil, this wort was transferred to our coolship, sitting open on our farm, on a cold winters evening. The wort was left there to cool overnight and in the morning, was transferred into a square tank for primary fermentation. With nothing other than the natural airborne yeasties and bacteria which inoculated the wort, this is the true magic of spontaneous brewing. After primary fermentation, this beer was then transferred into neutral oak barrels for extensive slumbering.

This is the process, give or take, for each season of coolship brewing. We take what each season gives to us and modify if needed, in future years. For instance, year one we found a bit too sour, so for year two, we leaned hard into more whole leaf hops to help add more assertive bitterness and curb the acidity. 

From here, we selected mature barrel stock and married it with local raspberries and allowed the stock to ferment on the fruit until fully attenuated. This is our very first fruited version of our beloved “lambic” stock. 

Having worked with raspberries from day one, our projects including them, were all inspired by some of our very favorite lambic of Belgium, aged on raspberries. The Razzmatazz volumes and then eventually Razzmatazz Remix are examples of obsessing over raspberry lambic and adapting the style to help create those beloved Appalachian Wild Ales. 

Now that we have very mature spontaneous stock and have begun releasing our prized possessions, it was only a matter of time until we took that stock and married it with local raspberries. The result shares a great deal in common with our previous raspberry releases, which quite honestly makes us feel real giddy. Though struggling to shine through the drippy jamminess of the raspberry, this offering showcases a delicately different funk that is reminiscent of sun dried olives and green black walnut meat.


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