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A blended Appalachian Wild Ale conditioned on 2nd fruit additions of cherries, grapes, and blueberries.

A blended Appalachian Wild Ale consisting of three equal parts of second fruited [spent] barrel aged sour beer. Upon bottling, the beer in each respective barrel was over one year old. This 2018 blend consists of second fruit cherry used to create Meemaw, second fruit scuppernong and muscadine grapes used to create Scuppadine and second fruit blueberry [pre elderberry] used to create Need a Hug. Once blended into our bottling tank, this unique blend is then packaged by hand and conditioned naturally inside the bottle.

The concept process is rather simple; we heavily fruit the initial barrel aged sour beer to create a very intensely fruited sour beer. Because so much initial fruit is used, there is still quite a bit of fruit that can be extracted into another beer. We then send more 4-6 month barrel aged blonde sour beer back onto that very same fruit. Although we love the heavily fruited first running Appalachian Wild Ales, the more nuanced and delicate approach makes it a beer with fruit opposed to fruit with beer.