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Leftover Fuzz

Mixed-Culture Saison with second use local peaches

Mixed-Culture saison mashed with local barley from Riverbend Malt House of Asheville, North Carolina along with flaked oats. Fermented with our mixed house cultured in stainless steel. Transferred into oak for 4-6 months of aging. Transferred out of oak onto the “spent” local peaches courtesy of Barbee Farms of Charlotte, North Carolina. The “spent” or second used peaches  were what was “leftover” from creating 2018 Funk Fuzz. Fermented and aged on the second use peaches for 2 months and transferred directly into our bottling tank to ensure maximum peach aromatics. Conditioned naturally inside the bottle. This second blend of a Leftover Fuzz is quite a bit different from last years blend. For starters, we chose not to add elderflowers to this batch. In addition, the peach profile is much more pronounced, which makes it drink like a drier, lower acid version of Funk Fuzz itself. This is a brewer favorite for sure.