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Carolina Gold

Lagered saison brewed with heritage rice

Mashed with local barley malts courtesy of our friends at Riverbend Malt House of Asheville, North Carolina along with heaps heritage Charleston Gold rice from Anson Mills of Columbia, South Carolina. Fermented cool with our clean and crisp house saison yeast blend and conditioned cold for 4 additional weeks. With a total production time of 6 weeks, this lagered saison drinks snappier, drier and crisper than most actual lagers.

A staple crop in the early 19th century, the Carolinas were an early producer of rice until farming ultimately moved further south to warmer climates. A staple beer for us, we have been brewing a rendition of this beer since our first year as a brewery. The addition of the heritage rice lends a smooth and creamy mouthfeel with a crisp dry finish similar to a bud heavy, but much better.