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Appalachian Wild Ale with pink lemonade blueberries

Appalachian Wild Ale brewed with local barley from Riverbend Malt House and cereal mashed local raw wheat from Red Tail Grains. Boiled with burlap-aged hops. Fermented with our mixed house cultures in stainless steel. Transferred into oak for months of extended aging. Transferred out of oak onto a massive amount of a local pink lemonade blueberries from our friends at Indian Grove Farms of Mount Airy, North Carolina. Fermented and aged on the pink lemonade blübs for 3 months. Racked off the fruit and blended with a delicate amount of “standard” blue/purple highbush blueberries. This second ever blend of this beer boasts a more robust color thanks to the highbush variety. With restrained acidity and an explosion of blueberry flavor, blend #2 is quite the beautiful wild ale.