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AWAS 2019 Membership Terms & Conditions.

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  •      6 exclusive cork and cap 750ml bottles of 3 different Appalachian Wild Ale blends, created specifically for AWAS members. (6 bottles total)
  •      First right of refusal to purchase most Appalachian Wild Ales brands with a one week purchase window and a two-week pickup window.
  •   Option to pick-up beer at the brewery or assign a trustee.
  •   Quarterly Pick Up Option
  1. Saturday March 30
  2. Saturday June 29
  3. Saturday September 28
  4. Saturday December 28
  •      10% discount on all non-alcohol purchases (tasting room(s) only).  Does not include member specific           merchandise items.
  •      AWAS custom membership ID card.
  •      One radical party at our farm location for members only.
  •      Optional membership swag available for purchase throughout the year.
  •      $250 +tax, non-refundable.

Appalachian Wild Ale Society is priced at $250 +tax, to give our loyal supporters the ability to get exclusive releases first, without waiting in line, the ability to appoint a trustee to pick up in their absence, member party and exclusive access to exclusive merchandise for social clout and level ups. The 2019 membership will run from January 1st of 2019 to December 31st of 2019. See more details below.

Specialty Blends

The featured perk to AWAS membership is access to three special Appalachian Wild Ale blends, two 750ml bottles each.  NO ONE ELSE WILL BE ABLE TO PURCHASE THESE BOTTLES.  With that, we do reserve the right to pour these blends on draught at our tasting room for special events or at festivals. Your special blends will be brewer’s choice, and will be released to members when our brewer determines that the perfect blends have been crafted, and are ready for consumption.

Brewer’s Choice

An additional perk of AWAS affords you first right to purchase most brands in our Appalachian Wild Ale series. This allows for an AWAS member to reserve and pay for bottles without the hassle of waiting in lines, or having a fast trigger finger during an internet pre-sale. These brands will be brewer’s choice, and allotment sizes will depend on production levels. The release dates for these brands are undetermined to allow for proper aging and conditioning.

10% Discount

As part of AWAS, you are granted a 10% discount on all non-alcoholic merchandise purchases. This is limited to in-house only. This excludes the purchase of alcohol (NC state law prohibited) and future membership dues. AWAS 10% discount is given to members only and does not include your trustee, or friends\family joining you at the tasting room. This discount does not apply to AWAS specific merchandise as that is custom priced to give you the best deal.

Membership ID Card

With the purchase of a membership, you will be given an ID specific, non-transferable membership card. This card will allow you access to all of the perks mentioned in these terms, as well as possible additional perks that we determine during the year. All members must bring AWAS membership ID card and a valid Driver’s License, Passport, NC Special Identification Card, or Military Identification Card in order to receive perks and 10% discount on non-alcoholic purchases.

2020 Membership

Membership renewal for 2020 will be based on invite only.

Bottle Pick-up

Being an AWAS member means never waiting in line (excluding busy, normal service hours in our tasting room). All members are allowed to assign one trustee. Your trustee must present a valid ID when picking up your purchases. We do not allow trustees aka proxies for the general public. This an exclusive perk for you, the member, to make obtaining your purchases as convenient as possible.

  •     Each bottle sale will be followed by a two week pick up window at the Green Street Tasting Room only.
  •     In addition there is now a quarterly pick up option.  We have added this perk for those that have to travel, or those that just can’t make the regular two week pickup.  Only the bottles purchased during the 3 preceding months will be available at each quarterly pickup.

o   If you do not pick up during the original two week window, your bottles will be stashed until the quarterly pickup. ie- NOT available in the pub during other releases/pickups.  You must wait until the quarterly pickup date.

o   If purchased bottles remain at the end of each quarterly pickup, you must email [email protected] and request a refund.

  • Ex. January purchases will be available for the two week pickup.  What is not picked up by members or their trustee will be put into storage until Saturday March 30.  After March 30, if January, Feb, and March bottles have not been picked up, you can request a refund.  That is the final day that we will stash any bottles from the first 3 months of the year.

Split Memberships

We do not accommodate split memberships on our end and discourage splitting your membership. If you find an urgent need to, you are completely responsible for the logistics. All orders must be placed in the name of the membership holder, or they will be canceled. Split members will not have access to the secret Facebook group, nor will they have access to any in-house perks/merchandise.

Termination of Membership

Memberships are limited to one per person. If you purchase multiple memberships, we reserve the right to refund any unused portions of all of your memberships. This includes revoking your ability to purchase a membership for the following year. We realize that technology is not perfect and that human error always comes into play. If additional memberships are purchased by you, or for you accidentally, please let us know right away.

Please Abide

The resale of our beer by any unauthorized person is strictly prohibited and ILLEGAL. If you are found to exchange your membership purchases for financial gain, your membership will be revoked and you will not be eligible for any future membership purchases.

Members with an ABC license are strictly prohibited from purchasing membership allotments for resale or distribution. If it is found that this has occurred, we reserve the right to revoke membership, you will not be eligible for future membership purchases, any refunds, or future wholesale account opportunities.

All membership purchases are solely for personal consumption or for trade without financial gain.

If a member is found to be violating the above-mentioned terms, their membership will be canceled, without refund, and they will not be eligible for future membership purchases.

All sales are final.


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