-How do I know if there are bottles for sale in the tasting room?
A. http://fontaflora.com/bottles-releases/
-I am interested in purchasing your beer for my bottle shop/bar/restaurant.
A. We are currently unable to open new accounts due to limited production. Please check back with us in November of 2017.
-Do you sale kegs for private events?
A. We are currently too limited in production to supply kegs for special events.
-I would like to book my band at your tasting room.
A. Please contact Brit@fontaflora.com
-I would like to hang my artwork in your tasting room.
A. Please contact Brit@fontaflora.com
-I have questions about your brewing system.
A. Please contact sara@fontaflora.com
-Are dogs welcome?
A. Pups are welcome on the patio ONLY. Due to liability, dogs are no longer allowed in the tasting room.
-Are children welcome?
A. During normal days of service, absolutely! However, when we host special events we do ask that you keep the babes at home.
-I would like to book some space for a special event at your tasting room.
A. Please contact Brit@fontaflora.com
-Where can I purchase your product outside of your tasting room?
A. We rarely find ourselves with enough extra beer to distribute. We do occasionally have bottles at the following locations:
Salud Beer Shop, Charlotte NC
Tasty Beverage, Asheville and Raleigh NC
Good Bottle, Charlotte NC
State of Beer, Raleigh NC
Brusin ‘ Ales, Asheville NC
Appalachian Vintner, Asheville NC
Brawley’s, Charlotte NC
-I am advocating for a group hosting a fundraising event. Who should I contact about donation?
A. Please contact sara@fontaflora.com